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CoolGuys Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd. have become increasingly popular in Auckland, New Zealand domestic, commercial and industrial areas over the recent years as they are an efficient and convenient way of heating and cooling. Imagine choosing your perfect day then instantly creating it in the CoolGuys of your own suitable application. With CARL you create your favorite season anytime all year around, at the touch of a button. By using a relatively small amount of electricity, a heat pump can extract heat energy from one location- typically outdoor air- anted transfer it to another location to provide heating. The reverse process can provide cooling. Air conditioning does much more than heat and cool the space you live or work in by allowing you to obtain an ideal temperature and providing the occupants the CoolGuys they deserve.

Whether you are air conditioning a small or large area, building a new home or renovating, We give the best sensitive choice that your unique space deserve by providing a cleaner and healthier indoor environment.

Our Services Experience

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In a very short period of time our fast and constant back up service in
commercial and domestic experience has made us the Aucklands top expert in
airconditioning system design. We have expert architects and builders to
deliver effective systems that satisfy both the requirements of the design
and the needs of the end user.

Many of our architectural clients consult us in the initial stages of a
project as they know that our knowledge of the latest developments and
product innovations is second to none. This close association throughout
the process of design and build ensures that delays are avoided, and all
the buildings systems can be integrated effectively.


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